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Colourful coding :-)



I guess that with each personality comes different tastes (or the other way around). Regarding coding, each one of us has his/hers preferred colour scheme. If you don’t have yours is because you haven’t searched enough :-)

For Geany there are a bunch of pre made schemes which are quite nice.

I really don’t know about others… but, maybe because I am synesthetes I constantly feel the need to change colour scheme each time I change ideas about a project, or start a new development, or learning something new and big.

This time isn’t different, I found myself comfortable with the Vibrant theme on Geany =)

Actually so comfortable that I want to write it here, just in case for the future :-P


a little screenshot of piece of work I use that was taken from external web site (see docstring ;-)

Find the colour scheme by Jason Wilson here =)